Wednesday, February 3, 2010

As I have not yet departed, I feel slightly obligated to keep the passive couch potato; the reader (you) content by letting you know, no I am indeed leaving. Tomorrow morning I plan to begin my journey.
I suppose I should also stop assuming that everyone reading this knows exactly what my plans are. I think I will explain, so for those of you who have heard me ramble on a thousand times feel free to stop reading now.
I plan on departing from the Great Barrington Airport with a backpack, my camera, and a little bit of confidence in the hopes of hitch-hiking (by air) to Santa Fe, NM. My father has generously offered to fly me south to the Virginia area in hopes that there is more activity. I do not consider myself a very adventurous person so I figured that if I threw myself into the lions pit (metaphorical lion of course) then I would have no choice but to adapt and survive, or... the alternative is the knowledge that I should never ever attempt anything like this again.
I think that is a sufficient explanation for now. The rest should be fairly self explanetory with the unfolding of this blog.


  1. ill pray for compassionate pilots and good karma ;) good luck!

  2. you're off! hurray! i second willa's prayers and know you'll have a GRAND adventure. here's to santa fe!