Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthplace of aviation... cough me up a ride

It is time to take action!! First sleep, then ACTION! As much as this town has treated me with tremendous hospitality, both from the airport, and the people I knew/met at the college, I MUST MOVE ON! Today was an utter failure. I find myself lying in a bed at a Super 8 hotel just outside of Wooster exhausted and annoyed. In terms of food I had tremendous success, the Green Leaf restaurant gave me breakfast for $4 including tip, eggs, English muffins, and coffee, not an extraordinarily large breakfast, yet with enough of what I needed to keep moving. I arrived at the airport at 7:40ish. No the sun was up, the sky was clear, and the windsock was limp, also it was a FRIDAY! The perfect makings of a travel day. Everything en-route was clear. Not a single plane took off the entire day. A medical chopper went out on some business, but it was local and they were full. In the evening a Citation jet took off from the charter service on the field, but they would not even touch me. That was it. Seven until five roughly, and not a single possible flight, not even to Akron Canton. My other dilemma was in rooming. Tonight my friend with whom I'd been staying left for a convention of sorts. I also feel as though my constant arrivals and departures, goodbye's followed closely by my inevitable return was becoming draining to the people I had met, at least to me it was/is. I do not enjoy goodbyes, and if I spend a week repeating them they begin to sound hollow and I become frustrated.
Right now, having gotten minimal sleep last night, I lie exhausted on the hotel bed. By myself. The lady at the desk was nice enough to give me a discount when I told her of my adventure, so if anyone here happens to be driving through Wooster, Oh, the Super 8 staff do have hearts. As for the rest of my trip, I feel as though going back to Wayne County airport would not be a bad thing socially, in order to make actually progress on my trip I have to get to Akron and early. The advice that my cap driver gave me was; since the hotel is just off of the road to Akron, just ask around and hitch a ride out. My hope is to go to sleep immediately (right now) wake up in a couple of hours, and ask every trucker who comes in here if he's going to Akron. Although a slightly sketchier mode of transportation than I originally had hoped for, I am determined to make tracks.
This is yet another insight into the mind of Ari. Friday Evening

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  1. Poor You Ari, Good Luck Your Brother Wishes Planes to !F!L!Y! (fly) :)