Monday, February 8, 2010

Still Ohio

How spiteful the weather is. After a bit of a late start I made it over to the airport, (I had to bring the courtesy car back). The airport had a TBM parked outside, as well as a Mooney. I spent some time talking to the Mooney pilot, he had been having an oil problem. The TBM pilot came in, a younger man, and we chatted for a minute. I got to sit in the cockpit, incidentally the owner came along later and offered me a ride without hesitation, I almost took it, except I hesitated. I shouldn't really go more north than I already am. I think this is the first milestone of the trip. A flight offered that I had to turn down!!! In a TBM too.
I have grown really fond of this airport. I think by now any remnants of my first reaction are totally gone. Jim has been more than hospitibal to me, and the people who come in here have that small town family vibe going that I love back home. All in all, if the snow has to stop me. This is not a bad place to get stuck.

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  1. Like GBR yaaaa for you to bad about the TBM!