Monday, February 22, 2010

Rainy day catchup with internet!!!

This is Livy, she just turned three. She came right up and asked me what my name was, my rebuttal was to immediately take a quick picture and then of course respond.
This fellow Mike is homeless in Fort. Lauderdale. He moved down five years ago from Ohio of all places. I asked if he had any family. He has an ex-wife and a daughter. He was formerly into sales management or something. He moved down to FL for a girl, who shortly after died of cancer. He is intelligent and made good conversation. I'm glad to have met Mike.
Conny was sitting at the table behind me durring breakfast, and while we were both waiting, somehow I struck up a conversation. Conny's husband passed away a number of years ago. She said a lot of women her age don't travel alone, but she loved to travel alone and observe people around her. She said in recent times people had begone to appear vain and trivial, and she was very excitited when she heard my journey. I told her about couchsurfing and the people that use it. She is also from MA, just north of Boston.
My view while eating breakfast.
When I woke up outside the hotel.

Steve outside our faithful Citation Mustang.
A lovely action shot of Chris.


  1. Ari--I was surprised to see my photo and loved what you wrote about our conversation. I was also touched by what you wrote about the homeless man.You continue to be an inspiration. I am going tell my former pilot brother about you and your blog-I know he will love it. I'm staying tuned. Connie

  2. hey you! glad you have such a great view while you're recovering ;) soo, my phone's broken. and i really need to talk to you. could you email it to me at my gmail or facebook me asap? thanks.. good luck keep updating!!

  3. Okay now that you are in germany make another post!