Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well, here I am, still in Ohio. The last two days have been filled with snow, reading, and a few movies. Although I would like to be moving along, any pilot has to accept when the weather is just too much. Today was a flyable day, not beautiful with overcast clouds, but definitely manageable. This morning I woke up, packed my things and called a taxi. I got to the airport, and commenced schmoozing, the only thing was, no one was going flying, in the many hours that I have been here today, I have seen a helicopter and a Piper Lance come in (you'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge about helicopters) both were based here, and neither got back in the air. I tried calling the air cargo company down the road, they practically hung up the phone on me. Today is one of those days that absolutely nothing is happening, tomorrow on the other hand, I have a good feeling about. At about seven thirty tomorrow morning a Citation jet is leaving, I don't exactly know where they are going, but frankly it does not matter. I think at this point I just have to get back in the air. I prefer not to have my feet on the ground for more than three days in a row, it makes me uncomfortable.
A brief explanation about the photos above, the chai represents energy, or more specifically is my energy, it carries me through the day, hence I thought it deserved some note. Next we have Jim moving a Euro copter 145 out of the hanger to make way for the piper lance that just arrived. The next photo is one of a gent on welfare who works shoveling and assisting however needed. Last is a Piper Cherokee 6 which also had to be moved in order to get the Lance into place. After all this moving everything was put back, and we all (myself and a couple of pilots, as well as two rather large dogs) went back to the pilot lounge and talked until now.
As for my thoughts on the day, there are always going to be slow days, I always imagined that during the middle of the week I would not do that much traveling, and at least in this case I was a able to visit a friend as well as get stuck. As long as I can make some headway tomorrow, I think I'll be just fine. I'll keep you all posted
This has been yet another (although not quite so adventurous) adventure in the life of Ari.

Until tomorrow.

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