Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthplace of Aviation

A final goodbye to Ohio (maybe?). I always expected to do most of my traveling on the weekends, but I feel as though I have milked Ohio for everything I can get. Interesting fact, Ohio's motto on their license plates is the "birthplace of aviation". I got to the airport at seven thirty this morning, took a picture of a farm on the way over. I feel a sense of closure, all I need is for someone to come along for me to ask for a ride, anyone. So far today, which is an absolutely gorgeous day with blue skies and no wind, there has yet to be one airplane coming or going, regardless, I have a feeling in my gut that today is the day.
This has been yet another peek into the happenings of Ari's journey (that's me by the way)

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  1. here's hoping you're traveling somewhere. .. really appreciate the updates. even getting stuck is interesting and part of the journey, i guess. good luck!